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    Black is my happy color...

    Introducing VELUMINUM, a novel way to get a very, very matte surface on your aluminum.



    Robust & Electrically Insulating

    We developed this in our lab because low reflective coatings on the market were insufficient. We required an ultra-low reflectivity surface that remains robust and electrically insulating. It has a durable oxide layer. It's applicable to interior surfaces. It's solvent resistant and can be easily cleaned.

    Many Uses

    Cameras, telescopes, microscope objectives, laser housings, solar collectors, displays and any optical device.

    Just better

    Compared to velvet stickers or carbon nanotube deposition, Veluminum has high visible light absorbance, high durability, it can be applied to complex shapes, low cost and a short process time.

  • Soon to be...

    Guess where?

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    Pacific Light & Hologram


    Veluminum was invented by our very clever chemists at Pacific Light & Hologram, who own the patent. They decided to share this with the world, so we had to find someone to cohort with as they are busy working on PL&H stuff. (Which we can't tell you about as we are a tech startup in stealth mode)

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    Good Vibes

    We found the perfect partner... Edmund Optics! Right from the get-go, they totally see the potential. They are super excited to be our world wide exclusive partner! And we are super jazzed as they will be able to reach so many more customers than we ever could. Please contact them for more information.

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